trina g, personal training client - april 2015

"Just wanted to thank you. After 5 weeks of one to one I could fit back in to my Joe browns frock for our family lunch and felt fabulous. Going to miss our afternoons, and the cakes at Hillcrest are highly tempting but so is fitting into my overflowing wardrobe. Thank you again for your wisdom, expertise and support I still cannot believe I can now plank for a whole minute! Well chuffed doesn't begin to cover it xxx"

gillian m, bootcamper since january 2015

"I started at Boot Camp 2 months ago and I can honestly say I'm loving it. I made the decision to do something after two years of doing nothing when I realised that being fit and enjoying physical activity is a way of life that I want my daughter to grow up with in a way I did not. Dont get me wrong, it's hard, really hard at times, but the atmosphere is so supportive and i can feel improvement already. Being outdoors makes it all much more enjoyable somehow, regardless of the weather. I've got the bug now and feel confident that Boot Camp is part of my routine now. "

abbie g, buggy bootcamper since january 2015

"So I've been buggy boot camping since January 2015. I wanted to get back to my pre pregnancy figure and with a baby and very little free time I was getting slightly worried. This is ideal- I seem to turn up (late...it's now the norm...!) Nick will push the buggy around while I'm burpeeying, running and getting fit!! It's brilliant- there's other mums there in the same position (pushchairs, crying babies, nervous..)and people of all levels of fitness - and it's about ME!!! At the time I'm cursing thinking how much I hate it, yet afterwards I'm buzzing. My little one has had a little nap and Ive got fresh air into my lungs and feeling great!! Nick is patient, fun and not patronising and every session is different and challenging."

ali t, bootcamper since january 2015

"I have been attending Nick's Boot Camp since January 2015. After having my daughter I have suffered with a lot of lower back and hip problems, resulting in 2 years of physiotherapy, but unfortunately it did not help the way it should of. I knew I wanted to get fit and back to my pre baby body, but with a lack of confidence and motivation this has been a struggle. But I decided to take the plunge and just do it! And I'm so glad I did, as since joining Bootcamp, and eating healthier I have lost 2 Stone in just under 3 months. I have felt completely supported and motivated by Nick and the other bootcampers. He will push me past the point where I would normally fail and has made me realise I can go further and push my body to its limit! He understands if I need to take a rest if my hips or back start to play up, making me feel at ease and comfortable. I would highly recommend this Bootcamp, it's a great way to keep fit and with Nick supporting everyone and making it fun each week with a smile on his face....even at 6.15am, it's well worth a session! I have a lot to thank him for, he has helped to give me back the determination I had lost."

sarah m, bootcamper since january 2015

"I started Nick's boot camp at the beginning of the year, and I'm so glad I did! I have been given expert advice on my health and fitness, which have benefited me drastically. While being a member of a gym for 8 years and never see any change in my body in just 3months my whole figure has changed. Also meeting like minded, friendly people has been great and I'm sure I have made new friends for life. Thanks Nick for all your hard work and support that you have and will continue to give me through my journey! Believe Train Achieve"

helen a, bootcamper since august 2012

“A renown pre-holiday fitness binger, I creaked and groaned my way through the inaugural Ixworth Boot Camp in August 2012. Over 2 years later, I’m a leaner and fitter twice-weekly devotee. With easy charm and humour, Nick strikes the perfect balance of being supportive and encouraging without being ‘soft’. The success of Nick’s brand of boot camp though is rooted in the fact that each session is meticulously planned to be entirely different, always challenging but full of variety and fun.

Incorporating aspects of flexibility, strength, balance and endurance, Nick has an excellent knowledge-base and knows how to get the best out of everyone. With endless patience and an instinctive understanding of the needs and goals both of individuals and the whole group, Nick ensures we’re completing the exercises correctly, working at our own pace, whilst explaining clearly how the effort will benefit us.

When the ‘burn’ kicks in, Nick vigilantly motivates you to keep going. Over time, he has consistently pushed me to prove to myself that I can exceed my own expectations, boundaries and limits. So much so, that achieving a new level of fitness through the boot camp sessions gave me the confidence to dare to challenge myself further. I’m now proud to have completed two half marathons in the last year. For a forty-something workaholic, the benefits of boot camp are priceless: a bad-day stress buster, unsightly bingo-wing banisher or just an opportunity to enjoy a laugh with a great group of people. Boot camp has now become firmly established for me as one of life’s few non-negotiables.”

jane w, bootcamper since september 2014

“I have been going to the Ixworth Boot Camp on Wednesday evenings for about 2 months. My daughter thought I may enjoy doing something a bit different and she said she would come along too, for the first one, just to keep me company. I was a bit apprehensive, as I thought that it would be far too energetic for me and I wouldn't be able to keep up. I was wrong on both counts. I love it, it has become the highlight of the week! And my daughter still comes with me as she really enjoys it too. It can be hard work, energetic, but so much fun. Nick is always full of encouragement, never pushy but trying to get the best from us and I do seem to be improving my fitness and flexibility each week.”

clare f, bootcamper since october 2014

“I was a little nervous about coming to boot camp to begin with - although I used to go to the gym (before having a baby), I hadn't done any exercise since having a baby and I really did think it would be tough. Don't get me wrong it is tough, but I love it! I even look forward to it week in, week out. I really like the constant change in activities from week to week, and dare I say it... The card game! Nick is an awesome instructor. I'm so glad I got over the first hurdle to come, I just need to get myself sorted to come on a Saturday morning too.”

jo h, bootcamper since august 2014

“Ixworth Boot Camp offers an enjoyable weekly workout, with no two sessions the same! The sessions are always varied and challenging to keep you motivated and prevent the boredom that a mundane gym session would offer. It doesn’t matter what age or fitness level you are, it caters for everyone. It might take a few mind games to get yourself there after a long day at work, but you will never regret going, as you always feels so much better afterwards!”

dru b, bootcamper since march 2014

“I love going to Boot Camp every week; the sessions are always varied and fun. It doesn't matter how fit (or unfit) you are it's always a great challenge with an awesome feeling of satisfaction at the end! I’m so pleased I discovered Ixworth Boot Camp, I always look forward to it and recommend it to absolutely anyone! Whether you are in peak physical condition or have been out of action for a couple of years, Nick designs the sessions to challenge everyone. It's fun and the people are great!”

sophie c, bootcamper since september 2014

“After a couple of years of trying to get fit through running and workouts I really wanted to find a class to challenge me and help me over that plateau. Nick's boot camp class is brilliant because it allows everyone to work as hard as they choose to get the best out of the time. In the couple of months I've been coming I've already noticed improvements in myself and always enjoy it. Each session is carefully planned to keep it varied and dare I say it, fun. I'm really enjoying it!”

stephen w, bootcamper since september 2014

“At first I came to Boot Camp as I was bought a voucher for Christmas & I wanted to raise my fitness levels; if I'm honest I wasn't sure if I would continue once the voucher had expired, but I am still a regular a year later (even with Burpees & manmakers!).

I find the sessions are very well planned, the great thing is you can push yourself as hard as you like. I've found my fitness levels steadily increase largely to bootcamp & if you struggle one day you can always ease off. Seeing the instructor actively involved in the session definitely gives you more confidence in what you are doing (not sure he'll agree when doing back - to back sessions!!). Personally I'm quite competitive & working with people fitter than me helps me to push myself harder.

The regulars & newcomers in the session quickly gel together & there is always great camaraderie which always lifts everyone spirits (again especially when said Burpees appear!).

All in all the exercises are great, the sessions work well, the atmosphere in the session is always fun, if I'm honest I would rather pay for this session per week than maybe a monthly gym membership as I feel I benefit more.

Possibly only criticism would be size of venue, I much prefer it outdoors but obviously time of year dictates this to a degree, this is only my personal preference so you can’t cater for everyone (also I should maybe pull my finger out & attend a Sat morn!!!).”

tim e, bootcamper since august 2012

“I have been attending Ixworth Boot Camp for over 2 years now. This is important because it is the longest I have stuck at anything remotely physical since school! I have never been one of life's totally fit people and finding a group like this turned out to be perfect for me.

Through a combination of exercise and gentle advice regarding better dietary habits I managed to lose 2 stone and get fit. Don't get me wrong, I could still do with losing a stone or two but I now know I am fitter! For a 42 year old man with a 1 and 3 year old, this is what is important to me.

I always hated The Gym set up where nobody speaks and found sticking to the monotony of swimming a bit of a challenge. Boot Camp is somewhere you are not judged, just helped to achieve your own goals. Everyone is genuine and friendly and I have found this type of activity with this group to be fulfilling whilst highly amusing at times.”

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